A Simple Mobile Phone Secret
You Must Always Remember
No Matter HOW GOOD

A Mobile Phone Deal Or Plan
Appears To Be....

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By: John Bertone
Sydney, Australia

I wanted to provide you with a little Mobile Phone Secret I think you should always remember even if the Mobile Phone Deal or Plan you are reviewing, seems almost irresistible to refuse!

Recently I had a subscriber ask me:

"John I'm on a Capped Plan with a particular Mobile Phone company and I'm thinking of changing to this OTHER phone company as they seem to be offering a better deal."

The words in this statement above you should really take note of are - "Seem to be offering"

Now don't get me wrong, in lots of cases the Mobile phone company you are wanting to switch to could quite possibly have a better offer, but you need to remember one simple but VITAL mobile phone secret! Actually I wouldn't even call it a secret, this mobile phone tip is just that. A simple but forgotten tip!

Here's The FORGOTTEN Tip You Need
To Remind Yourself Of... Whenever You're
Looking at ANY Mobile Phone Plan,
Deal or Pre-Paid Service!

While I was running a mobile phone store in Sydney, Australia for more than 8 years I always indicated to my customers that although mobile phone deals might look good... when you review them in detail they might NOT end up that way!

However, it's not the deal or plan you should worry about to start off with. I feel what is SO MUCH MORE important is that particular mobile phone company's coverage! Now you might be thinking, but most mobile phone companies have about the same type of coverage - right? Yes to some degree you're correct.

But let me remind you that every once in a while a fairly NEW phone company that is using a new network is introduced. If the mobile phone company you are considering is also using a fairly NEW NETWORK then you need to seriously consider how good can the coverage be!

Just in case you don't know what I mean... When I talk about "Network" I'm talking about the "Towers or Base Stations" that mobile phone company is using to transmit to and from... For example: (Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, 3). The companies that actually build the NETWORK not companies like Virgin, B or CellularOne..

But ALL mobile phone companies will use some particular network, whether it's their own or someone elses... Like Virgin using Optus's Network! It's the network they use you should ALWAYS double check! Especially if the network they are using is NEW... Are you starting to see the point I'm making here?

When a mobile phone company comes to the market they want to gain new customers as FAST as possible, in order to become profitable as quickly as possible. So that means almost always they are going to offer some INCREDIBLE deals... However when they are using a new network they almost always will ALSO HAVE - coverage problems!

It's common sense! NO mobile phone company using a just introduced NEW network is going to have great coverage. It will take them quite some time to iron out all the problems related to different areas, sometimes even years! so be aware of that.

With That Said, You Need To
Seriously Ask Yourself A Question - That Being:

"What good is even the BEST DEAL if I can't make or receive a call... as I use to be able to?"

Are you starting to see what I mean? Forget the fantastic deal you've just been offered, if your mobile phone is suddenly USELESS to you because you're always dropping out or there's no signal a lot of the time, what's the use?

Ok now that I've reminded you of this, let me show you a Mobile Phone Secret Webpage on the Internet (which not many people know about but should) that will assist you with an un-biased view on Coverage... This website is owned by a good friend Angus and he has some great information on it!

Here's the website page I want you to check out:
Mobile Phone Secret Webpage To Un-biased Information on Coverage
While you're at the site, make sure you also review comments and opinions made by
other people using mobile phones as well. It can give you very valuable insights
on how mobile phone companies and networks are performing!

Now that you know exactly how to get the latest un-biased view on coverage you might like to keep that website page in the back of your mind the next time you considering switching or going with a new mobile phone company. You'll ALSO be able to find out what other people like me and you are saying about mobile phone companies on other topics like Customer service etc...

All the best...

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone
Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed

P.S. Remember the point I'm making here is that no matter how good a mobile phone deal might look it's only as good as the phone company that is supplying it. So the mobile phone simple secret / tip I'm trying to share with you is make sure you check the Network Coverage of the phone company that is offering you the deal!

(And DO NOT just allow the phone company themselves to be your only source of information, ask other people. Or better still... go to special website locations like the one I showed you above to get the REAL TRUTH on how phone companies compare told by US the actual consumers!)