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By: John Bertone
Mobile Phone Comparison Expert
Sydney, Australia

After being in the mobile phone industry for over 8 years, and working with over 5 different companies, I truly got an understanding of how mobile phone companies operate. One thing I did find, (and something you probably agree with), is that mobile phone companies make it very confusing to compare plans and deals.

This actually started to upset ME as a mobile phone dealer, because it meant that we had to work harder to determine what TRULY WAS a good / cheap mobile phone plan, and what wasn’t. Now that I have left the industry, it has led me down a crusade to help a person looking at mobile phone plans select the best mobile phone plan for them!

Let me tell you... it wasn’t an easy task! If someone asked me to do it again, I probably wouldn’t (given what an ordeal the whole thing was).

Now Here's The GOOD NEWS...

After an agonising two years; countless phone calls; and hundreds of hours of research, I have completed a special report that shows you the REAL secrets to mobile phone plans & deals, and how to save yourself a fortune!

To give you an example of just how important the report is, (and how much of a difference just one overlooked differing factor in billing can make):

This report is called “Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed”, and allows you to quickly and easily compare mobile phone plans so that you don’t get ripped off! MOST IMPORTANTLY, the money you save on your mobile phone calls once you learn these secrets can easily go into the thousands of dollars!

The Reason Is Simple:

Mobile phone charges are an ongoing expense, not just something you pay for once and upfront. So basically, one bad decision can mean you are locked in at premium prices for quite some time. (Hence, as the saying goes, you are literally continually “paying for your mistake”). Therefore: the savings you learn to make from this special report will save you not just once, but for years to come!

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone

About The Author
* John Bertone is a Mobile Phone Comparison Specialist who shows you how to compare any mobile phone deal on the market, quickly and easily. In his special report called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed he also reveals how to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your current mobile phone costs! For more information visit: