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By: John Bertone
Mobile Phone Comparison Expert
Sydney, Australia

You’ve probably researched on the internet for quite some time looking for the cheapest mobile phone deal, and you are probably just as confused as when you began researching. Let me ensure you, that you are not the only one! It’s the mobile phone industry.

No matter where you look on the internet or in a retail store, the fine print is normally never discussed! The mobile phone sales person or website that you are viewing normally makes the mobile phone deal you are inspecting sound ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Let me tell you, often nothing could be further from the truth...

You see, I was a mobile phone dealer in Sydney, Australia, for many years (and as much as I kept up with all the changes and alterations the mobile phone companies implemented, it was still a constant challenge to explain in detail to customers EXACTLY how the deals operated!

At the time, my staff and I were one of the only retail stores that actually went into fine details of the mobile phone deals on the market. Even today, finding a mobile phone review or comparison guide on how to select the best mobile phone deal for you- seems non-existent!

So How Do You Determine...
What’s The Best Mobile Phone Deal For YOU?

With all the different: call rates; SMS charges; exclusions / non exclusions; international rates; flag falls; and voicemail charges, it’s no wonder everyone today feels bewildered and overwhelmed!

That is why I decided to do something about it! Because I had worked in the mobile phone industry for quite some time, I was able to perceive how mobile phone companies were charging you (in fine detail), and where they easily caught their customer out!

So, after two years of development, and the painful task of documenting my research, I have created a totally unbiased report on how to find the best mobile phone deals out there. Here is an example of what I mean: Some mobile phone companies can be clever in the way they charge you, for instance - depending on the time of day...

Is it now evident why mobile phone deals / rates are not clear and confined? Because at the end of the day, the mobile phone companies reap the benefits!

Don’t allow phone companies to take advantage of your uncertainty and confusion -(instigated by them personally)- any longer...

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone

About The Author
* John Bertone is a Mobile Phone Review Specialist who shows you how to compare any mobile phone deal on the market, quickly and easily. In his special report called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed he also reveals how to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your current mobile phone costs! For more information visit: