Finally... A Totally Un-Biased
Mobile Phone Comparisons Guide
The Phone Companies DON'T
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By: John Bertone
Mobile Phone Comparison Expert
Sydney, Australia

Been looking around on the web for quite come time for a TRUE mobile phone price comparison??? Probably what you have already discovered is that most sites consist of just one company trying to promote their own deals. NOT really providing a TRUE mobile phone comparison that will help you make the right choice, (and that can save you from mistakes that may cost you hundreds, even thousands, extra over a 12 month period).

The reason is simple, and something you must know! It has been estimated that one phone company alone has over 4,000 different plans & deals, so it’s no wonder that you’re confused! And really, who has the time these days to spend countless hours investigating, comparing and analysing the fine print of each dealers large range of deals and plans?...

Yet OUCH, how we cringe when the bills arrive each month. We begin to ask ourselves - “just how can my bill amount to so much? The plan had seemed TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE at the time I signed up”! Our minds start thinking of how hard we worked to earn those pennies, and all the other things we would have preferred (or more importantly - needed) to put that money towards!

Well, The Good News Is... There Is A Solution!

After spending 8 years in the Mobile Phone Industry, I must have seen thousands of customers being totally confused. So that is why I have decided to do something about it. After spending over two years, countless hours, and hundreds of phone calls researching this topic - I have finally put together a Mobile Phone Comparison Guide that is totally unbiased, easy to follow, and exposes the REAL TRUTH.

The special report is called “Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed”, and is a mobile phone comparison guide the phone companies hope that you NEVER discover! This guide will inform you of HOW to select the right plan and deal FOR YOU, (removing all the confusion and headaches that comparing mobile offers can lead to).

I worked in the mobile industry for more than 8 years, and during that time I operated my business with a number of service providers. So naturally I have had a firsthand, rather in-depth insight, into how they operate (and where they REALLY make their profits - unforeseen to the purchaser at the time).

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone

About The Author
* John Bertone is a Mobile Phone Specialist who shows you how to compare any mobile phone deal on the market, quickly and easily. In his special report called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed he also reveals how to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your current mobile phone costs! For more information visit: