John Bertone

Photograph of John Bertone

John is an Australian Mobile Phone Consumer Guide Specialist which ran his own mobile phone store in Sydney for more than 8 years. He was renowned for always helping customers make the right choices when it came to their mobile phone needs.

During his career, his list of Clients included organisations like:

John also looked after more than 2,500 other smaller businesses and private clients at the time, connecting over 11,000 mobile phones to the networks.

After retiring from the telecommunications industry, John wanted to TRULY help consumers with a detailed Mobile Phone Consumer Guide report! This would allow you to cut through the confusing maze of mobile phone charges and sneaky rates by providing his INSIDER knowledge of how the mobile phone companies operated and billed you!

In doing so, John has compiled a mobile phone consumer report which is no doubt the most important report EVER CREATED on how to save HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of dollars on your mobile phone costs called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed

John has spent countless hours and hundreds of phone calls, creating his new special report "Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed" which shows you exactly how to avoid being ripped off or over-charged by mobile phone companies... regardless of whether you're receiving a monthly bill or using a Pre-Paid service.

To find out more about his NEW special report visit: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed

Find out what most people will never know
about mobile phone charges including:

  • What mobile phone companies pray you'll never discover about Capped Plans
  • Why pre-paid plans can cost you even more than you think
  • The one thing you must always do when connecting to any mobile rate plan
  • The truth about SMS and how phone companies crank up your mobile expenses in disguise
  • How telephone companies use sneaky tactics to hide the real charges
  • Why a simple over-looked difference in billing can be costing you a fortune
  • And much, much more...

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