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By: John Bertone
Mobile Phone Comparison Expert
Sydney, Australia

Is there such a thing? The old saying goes: “You get what you pay for”!

The bottom line is - finding cheap mobile phones IS possible, but finding a cheap mobile phone deal can be utterly confusing and overwhelming (to say the least). Many times you will come across a deal where the mobile phones are so cheap, that the handset itself is priced for $0/1. However, when you look deeper, it can actually be a pricey affair!

The secret to finding cheap mobile phones is to save on both elements (the phone itself, and finding the cheapest mobile phone deal that suits YOU)! Even as a previous mobile phone dealer myself: mobile phone plans were, and still remain, to be extremely confusing (as my colleagues and customers always agreed).

While mobile phones (like most evolving technology) are definitely far more value-for-money than they may have been previously, you can still end up paying through the teeth if you don’t take just a few simple steps to ensure that you are not being over-charged on your handset, or mobile phone rates (regardless of whether you're on a contract or using a Pre-Paid service).

Here's The Bottom Line

There is only a few ways to find cheap mobile phones:

  1. Shop around if you are buying the phone outright;
  2. Consider a pre-loved/ pre-used mobile phone; or
  3. Grab a phone at a heavily discounted price with a good-value plan attached.

To get some great tips and insider secrets on how to get a cheap mobile phone, (and the best value-for-money deal that can come with it) read my special report “Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed”.

But Honestly, How Much Can Prices REALLY Differ?

Here is an example of what I mean: On the second page of my special report, I compare two similar plans (that appeared to be the same on the surface, with what seemed like the same costs involved each month). However, what is revealed is that over a 24 month period one customer ended up paying a staggering $1080 more than the other [with almost identical usage]!

This unfortunately is a frequent occurrence, and affects thousands of people every day. You may already knowingly/ or unknowingly be a victim ...

Want to know how to stop or prevent yourself falling prey to excessive prices in the future?

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone

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* John Bertone is a Mobile Phone Specialist who shows you how to compare any mobile phone deal on the market, quickly and easily. In his special report called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed he also reveals how to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your current mobile phone costs!
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