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By: John Bertone
Mobile Phone Comparison Expert
Sydney, Australia

One of the only ways to find the best mobile phone deals on the market is to have a comparison and review guide that shows you EXACTLY how you are being charged!

The problem is, trying to find one is near impossible! If you’re like most people, you have probably researched on the internet, and/or shopped around, only to be just as or more confused as when you began. As a mobile phone dealer myself for many years, I can tell you that some mobile phone deals are WELL ahead of the others- (even though they might look identical on the surface)!

Unfortunately, one of the only ways to find the best mobile phone deals out there is to carefully analyse the fine print when comparing. But, with thousands of plans out there- Who really has the time???

To give you an idea of how mobile phone deals can differ: Two similar mobile phone users can end up paying a difference of $210 dollars on their bill- simply due to slight variance with rates on an unavoidable charge, (with what initially looked like identical mobile phone accounts)! And this is just one billing item alone… Scary isn’t it?

Here's How To Find The Best Mobile Phone Deals... Available!

Like a professional sprinter listens to their coach, the only way to find the best mobile phone deals is to listen to a professional mobile phone dealer from the industry! However, that presents a problem within itself: Most professionals within the mobile phone industry almost always only want to promote THEIR mobile phone deals to you, (conveying that other companies aren’t nearly as good)!

Here’s how to fix the problem:

The only way to truly find the best mobile phone deals on the market is to have a TRULY honest mobile phone review & comparison guide, that goes into the REAL realities and secrets of the mobile phone industry.

After being within the industry myself for more than 8 years, and leaving it mainly because of its’ unethical practices, I decided to put the power back into consumer’s hands –(like yourself). Let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy task! After spending more than two years asking hundreds of questions that mobile phone companies never wish to disclose, I have created a special report called “Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed”. This is one of the only mobile phone comparison & review guides that allows you to get the facts on how mobile phone companies are billing you - (and how you can uncover the best mobile phone deals on the market out there today).

This special report can help save you thousands of dollars off your mobile phone bill year after year ...

Your mobile phone savings friend,
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John Bertone

About The Author
* John Bertone is a Mobile Phone Specialist who shows you how to compare any mobile phone deal on the market, quickly and easily. In his special report called: Mobile Phone Secrets Revealed he also reveals how to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your current mobile phone costs!
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